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how to order


1.Formal order

You can order from our online store or by email. Please fill in the required information (name, contact, type of speakers etc.) and send it to us.
We will discuss with you where to install your speakers to match your preferences and the environment (ex. home or commercial setting etc.).

After an order is placed, we ask that half the speaker's price be paid in no later than two weeks. You can pay the rest upon delivery. It normally takes one to three months to deliver our product(s) after a formal order. We will decide the delivery date after discussing it with you.


2.Delivery and Installation

We suggest you let us deliver and install at your desired location. Please note that installation and travel are an additional charge. We can also ship our products, but to prevent damage in the process of installing and to ensure optimal sound condition, we recommend you allow us install the product.


3.Connection and sound test

We will confirm proper installation of the speaker as well as the connection with other equipment such as an amplifier and player. Before leaving, we will conduct a final test to ensure everything is working properly and to tune the sound before completing our delivery.
In case of a problem after the delivery, please contact us.
We can also offer advice as to peripheral equipment.
*This order process applies only to those who live in Japan. For overseas delivery, please contact us.