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For a resonant circulation of sound, space and people

We have equipped a three-story steel-framed building located in Shin-omiya, Nara, which functions as a residence, workshop, showroom and event site. This is literally a base for our activity. We work, and converse here. From the moment we wake up in the morning to when we fall asleep, music continues to fill our life. Like growing a plant, we observe how music changes with nature. We also give thought to living in harmony with the space. We spend each day acknowledging that people, music and space all develop together.

Whether acoustic or electric, for static music, we believe people would prefer a place, however small, which can express quality and delicate music rather than a big concert hall that has a bad signal-to-noise ratio (i.e. noisy).

To realize that ideal condition, listude paid close attention to the power source environment which is said to have a great impact on the performance of audio equipment. We also worked very hard to successfully establish a “quality audio environment,” our proposition, by carefully designing the resonance and supplying sufficient resources.

The intimate environment accentuates the grace of quiet music instead of loud music, allowing listeners to focus on the sounds. The beautiful live performance lets artists and audiences share the tranquility. We hope to offer an encounter with such music. By doing so, performers, audiences, and spaces are organically connected and brings about resonant circulation. We believe this is when ideal music come into existence.

1.試聴 / ショールームとして

1.Trial listening / Showroom

In an approximately 24 ㎡ area modeled as a living and dining room of a house, you can test-listen all of listude's products including “scenery.” If you are interested or considering purchasing, we recommend you come to our showroom for a trial listening. To make a reservation, please use the contact form.

2.会場 / イベントスペースとして

2.Event space / Party venue

In an approximately 90 ㎡ area, we organize various events ranging from “IEUTAGE,” the basis of our activities, to live performances, talk shows, workshops and so on, to demonstrate the variety of our work. It is a flexible space equipped with an AV equipment. We aim to make this space wholly comfortable, not solely focused on the sound.

3.工房 / アトリエとして

3.Workshop / atelier

On the first floor, we have an atelier to produce speakers and an office to complete work related to the management of listude. All work from development, prototype-making and production of our speakers to PR activities and office work, are carried out here.


Nara Shijooji 1-2-3
TEL 0742-31-5211

イベント時はlistudeの駐車場を使用することができません。近隣のコインパーキングをご利用くださいませ。 ・ダイヤパーク四条大路一丁目(奈良市四条大路1丁目8) ・タイムズ大宮町7丁目(奈良県奈良市大宮町7-1) ・ONE PARK大宮三条通り(奈良県奈良市大宮町4丁目250-4) ・ONE PARK三条栄町(奈良県奈良市三条栄町5)
奈良交通 「98 法隆寺前行」「78 奈良県総合医療センター行」「48 学園前駅〔南〕行」のいずれかに乗車し「三笠中学校前」で下車。所要時間10分。

奈良交通「駅前南口」乗り場より、「8四条大路 南町」行きに乗車し「三笠中学校前」で下車。所要時間は5分ほどです。